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I would recommend island Queen professional cleaning services to anyone that wants a professional, affordable, reliable,on-time friendly crew. thanks again

- Martha


She cleans very well and quick and reliable.

- Erin T


I highly recommend this company very content 👍keep up great work island Queen

- Marianne


An excellent cleaner

- Michelle


Great cleaner

- Minnie


One of the top cleaning lady i seen is ocean County

- Peggy


Kim & her team did a wonderful job cleaning my parents house this summer. She was reliable, energetic, fair & honest. Kim helped out in a short notice clean as well. Island Queen Cleaning will continue to clean for my parents over the winter.

- Kahlie


Good cleaner

- Cathy


If you want the best then thats island queen cleaning! Her employees are amazing and she does everything to make it the best 💗

- Mollie


Very professional, Island queens are all about professional cleaning no matter what it is I’m honored to be working for Kim a fantastic boss & she makes sure everything is right & the customers are happy with our services

- Kaci


Kim is hands down the best cleaner that we’ve had!!!

- Britanni


She’s the best and her workers are amazing too

- Kas Ava D


What a fabulous cleaner

- Danielle K


Thank you kim has been cleaning with me for quite a while for more than 4 yrs and I wouldn’t ask for anyone else ! You want a great price with reliable professional experience workers call islandqueencleaning it’s know one like her & her crews ! She’s expanding 💯👍😀

- Diana G


She cleaned my house fabulous

- Shannon S


Wonderful team did fantastic job at my shore house today !! Thank you island queen 👸

- Page A


What a excellent cleaner

- Jaida G


Call Kim for the best spring and change over cleaning

- Joe B


Best cleaning service I ever hired to clean. From the bathrooms to the kitchen everything shined. I was finally dust free!! Very reliable and professional. Will recommend them to my family and friends

- Gina M M


Hire this cleaning company, reliable, on-time , best prices, natural products, works with you, professional, trust me you won't regret I promise you island queen professional cleaning services is best in ocean county!

- Susan B


Thank you I'm very content with island queen services very professional, productive, friendly organic products hadst reasonable prices .if you want a reliable cleaner call Kim, island queen professional cleaning services best 👌

- Hannah R


Thank you, best cleaning I had in longtime .i will be using island queen professional cleaning services thanks again

- Barry M


Island Queen thank you for taking your time & putting you in my schedule you did Wonder job & im very satisfied thank you happy Holidays to you n your family n crew's 🌳☃️❄️

- Martha W


Island Queen professional cleaning service call them reliable on time n professional to the point !! Call them there on speed dial

- Tiffany G


Thanks island Queen professional cleaning service crew's for outstanding post cleaning in my tomsriver offices in tomsriver last month . I am very satisfied .. thanks again I'll be using you guys definitely when needed

- Brian N


If you want affordable price& reliable professional people call island Queen professional cleaning service there fabulous ..keep up the great work!!!!

- Martha M


thank you for cleaning my duplexs this summer . you really did a wonderful job you and your crew .i love the organic natural products called shaklee., the products need to be in everyone home ,its great for the environment and peoples health etc.keep it up the great work island queen and team

- Samantha D


kim is a very nice owner ,she is very honest,trustful person,great cleaning company .i will be using island queens company FOR NOW ON.

- Heather H


she cleans fast but good i willuse you next time

- Owen D


the owner is always there when i need her to clean thank you

- Tara


she is my favorite client for cleaning

- Vicky


love the way she cleans so quick

- Christian B


she uses good organic products and a good cleaner

- Kulture K


best cleaner in the world see you next week

- Bob H


thank you for the amazing cleaning hear from you soon

- Presicalla P


Island Queen team thank you for your services ,you will definitely hear from me again 👍

- Meg N


I'm very pleased that such short emergency I needed I looked in the internet for cleaner. I called island Queen professional cleaning service ,Kim was such a life saver she helped me in whatever my NEEDS for my house I needed & I'm very happy .thank you island Queens team ! I'll be giving you call again ,😊

- Robinson S


If you want a professional cleaning service call Kim she's on time reliable professional very good prices . thank you island Queen !

- Nancy D


The owner and her worker did a nice clean job on my office thank you.

- Shannon G


She does cleaning 24 7 any time and she came on short notice such a responsible cleaner.

- Michael M


A responsible good cleaner

- Joey T


Very very great cleaner

- Adriana N


The owner is such a quick fast cleaner in and out.

- Brianna M


Thank you island Queen professional cleaning service.you came out Short notice & your prices are so reasonable ..I will be using your service for is on ..

- Carolyn M


Island Queen company is reliable,great reasonable prices , great crew that works does a professional cleaning job for whatever needs you call for thank you island Queen keep it up good performance

- Jullen M


If you want a great cleaning company call kims crew' she's the best

- Maria S


Kims crew's are fabulous you want a reliable, great rates, quality cleaning call island Queen professional cleaning service shell do it all!

- Kristen M


If you want a specific, special, initial, residential, commercial, office cleaning etc this is the place to call, island Queen professional cleaning service she does it all

- Katy Mc Q


Thank you shout out to island Queen professional cleaning service crew you really performed what I needed & great prices& very professional thanks so much

- Rachel H


I had an initial cleaning any my house was gross these the owner and her crew made it spotless.

- Nick J


OMG she is so good at cleaning I had other cleaners and I.Q is the best of them all.

- Michelle B J


If you want a professional cleaning service call Kim she's professional, on time, down to earth, reasonable rates .her crew is fabulous

- Nancy D


Great job cleaning my condos in toms river island Queen professional cleaning service crew's thanks so much

- Mike P


If you want a professional cleaning service call Kim she's very professional ,very pleasant to talk to about whatever your needs are .she does it all , residential commercial initial,deep cleaning,specific Cleaning,etc! Anything y need she does her & her crew's so call her she does emergency cleaning , great job island Queen !!!

- Luann B


She is a very nice and good cleaner she cleans the best.

- Migo


Thank you everyone that came out for my mansion House .you guys did dedicated & hard work & dud beautiful job .you really take your cleaning professional & seriously .anyone wants a real homemade cleaning call island Queen great job guys thanks again 😀

- Rita P


Try out island Queens team you'll love them the first time!! You won't regret it ! She knows alit of residential house homeowners & performs commercial too . island Queen& her teams are expanding in ocean county area & lbi !! She's the best I've encountered call her she's on speed dial 😉

- Louis V


Island Queen professional cleaning service is the best in ocean county area.very reliable on time professional,very presentable her & her workers .I highly recommend her & her team if you want a professional organize cleaning !!

- Eileen W


they did a deep cleaning for my dirty house and it was so clean i could not believe recommend her

- Michael


kim is so on point and good she is a awesome cleaner I would recommend her

- Ana M


Very pleasant crew's & on time reliable professional cleaning service thank you island Queen team for coming out short notice for my family we are very satisfied thank you again.

- Marisa S


Thank you island Queen professional cleaning service you made me a very content client .keep up the professional cleaning 👍

- Barbara W


Kim and the staff at island queen cleaning company are very thorough and reliable. They always contact me before and after every cleaning and are very easy to work with. I would highly recommend them.

- Donna


You want your house clean ,any thing you need island Queen professional cleaning service does it you won't go wrong call them there wonderful

- Cindy C


Thank you island queen team for cleaning my beachouse .ill be using you for now on !!😊keep up the great work👍

- Maryanne R


You want a reliable, professional cleaning service call Kim . they ate hard working crew's that whatever your needs are they will make sure your satisfied & Happy !

- Wendy W


Keep up great cleaning island Queen professional cleaning service.👍

- Sheila


Thank you for the great work commercial cleaning my properties .you guys did wonderful job all if the tenants are very satisfied . thank you island Queen team

- Steve H


Thanks for coming out short notice it was emergency & island Queen professional cleaning service came out to me ASAP .they did wonderful job at my residential house, I will be using them for now on thank you keep up professional cleaning you guys do 👍😊

- Patricia H


Thank you for island Queen professional cleaning service .my house looks wonderful n smells great ,love your homemade cleaning perfectionist !!

- Nancy D


The owner cleaned my house spot less

- Shannon W


Best company, if anyone is looking for a cleaning company, call island queen very reliable, fast, friendly, good pricing, on time, professional. Thank you island queen team

- Rita P


Nothing like a good homemade cleaner I highly recommend island queen cleaning service thank you

- Rob M


Thank you for coming out short notice you did great job island queen cleaning!

- Gloria R


I thank you for your time and reliable team such great effort & professional I am very satisfied with island Queen professional cleaning service.

- Eileen H


Great team making shout out to island queen professional cleaning services.ill be using this service for Long Time I'm satisfied 👍😊

- Jill S


The owner is very reliable and clean spotless. My beach house her tram I highly recommend. great job island queen team

- Jon


They are very professional, arrived on time and did a great job !!

- Amanda


Awesome cleaning service with a great friendly staff

- Cheryl


Best Home Cleaning business in the world!

- Pinto


All I have to say is on time reliable, on time,knows how to clean the way home made cleaners should clean.im very satisfied.thank you island queen your the best 😎👍

- Carol R


I wanted to shout out island queen cleaning Crew they did fabulous job at my house I'm very satisfied thank you keep up the great work 👍

- Tracy V


Thank you I left on vacation Kim has been doing my house for 7 yrs & this is first time I can post on her beautiful website . Everything on here is 💯 & she is great homemade cleaner nothing like island queen cleaning I will tell everyone she's top on my #1 list to recommend

- Harriet B


Kim and crew did a wonderful job spring cleaning my families beach house. House looked fabulous and freshly clean for the summer. Kim was very flexible and followed through to make sure we were happy with services! Would definitely recommend.

- Kate A


They did a fantastic job!!!! I definitely recommend Kim and her crew.

- Jill


Kim and her crew are awesome! They did a fantastic job and so pleased!

- Christine


Keep up the fabulous job island queen cleaning service. I will recommend this company to everyone 👍

- Joan B


Island queen is a responsible, reliable on-time perfectionist company. I would recommend this to everyone Great job!

- Bob M


Great job Island Queen! Very professional & quick response. Will def use again!

- Luanne


I just starting using Island Queen this season to clean my Ship Bottom condo and so they've been great. Kim communicates well and is easy to work with and I expect to be using here far into the future.

- Gary G


Thank you for doing a wonderful job at my condos island queen rocks #1 in ocean county 😎

- Nelson W


Very pleasant professional on time great prices,im very pleased with island Queen professional cleaning service thank you so much .keep up great work

- Maryanne L


Kim has been cleaning for me for over 6 yrs & I don't want anyone' Else but her or her team because Kims how to organize her crew's & manage to be professional reliable on time does what I always need & satisfies me every time.i want to let everyone know that you want a great cleaning company called island queen cleaning .she's on my #1 speed dial ☺

- Victor


Island queen professional cleaning team is on time, reliable, professional, uses natural products & her crew did amazing job,! I recommend this cleaning service to everyone! Thank you island queen👑😉

- Benton M


Thank island queen you guys did a great job.

- Greg


All I got to say is. Island queen is fabulous & her crew did my residential house & in very satisfied .thank you island queens team 👍

- Annmarie


Island queen professional cleaning service is remarkable .friendly on time knows exactly what I needed for my house .I recommend this is #1 top cleaning service 👍

- Gary S


Kim has been doing my beachouse for over 6 yrs & she takes pride in everything she does.she is a homemade cleaner & she treats my house how she cleans like its her own .she's on time reliable professional her crew & I've been satisfied many many yrs with her services .keep up the great work Kim & her crews

- Arleen M


Island queen profess Island queen is one of the #1 top cleaning companies in ocean county .they are on time, they did everything I needed perfectly. I will be using island queens service for years to come !! Thank you Kim the owner & your crew it was a pleasure 💯😊👏

- Mrs R


Kim is amazing owner she's very honest reliable hard-working professional cleaner I would recommend her to anybody that needs variety of different types of cleaning from change overs spring cleaning deep cleaning commercial cleaning initial cleaning every kind of cleaning

- Krystal


We use Kim for both our home and a rental unit we own. She and her crew do a nice job. And she's dependable.

- Bobbie C


Island queen professional cleaning service is fabulous on time crew knew exactly what I wanted & did amazing performance .I highly recommend her company 😁

- Ann


Island queen crew did amazing job on time reliable great pricing & did a beautiful job at my house I would recommend her to every body she's a top #1!!!

- Kay J


On time, quick response and follow-up. Great job cleaning. Would definitely recommend.

- Patty R


Excellent service! Very professional, and at a great price

- GJ


I can say that this is one of the Top Companies in Cleanung Services because they provide excellent Customer Service, they focus in detail in the area of cleaning, and 100 % Professionalism. I can recommend this Company for Individuals or Organizations. Good Price.



Very professional, wonderfully clean, will use again, definitely recommend.

- Becky S


Owner Kim is awesome, prompt, courteous and did an excellent job cleaning. I highly recommend Kim for all your Residential & Commercial cleaning needs.

- Barbara n


Kim and her crew did a fantastic job cleaning my house today. Would recommend Island Queen to anyone. Looking forwards a cleaner house in the future.

- Bryon

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